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Almost 10 years ago my friend Monica called to ask if my mom and I wanted to join a Mother/Daughter Book Club they were thinking of starting up. The idea was to get a group of mothers and their adult daughters to meet up once a month to discuss a book over food (ideally themed to the book) and wine. We immediately said yes and while very excited about the prospect I had no idea how much having this amazing group of women in my life would mean to me. These women have seen the highs and low, career changes, relationships, breakups, weddings, moves, babies and everything in between. We were lucky enough to celebrate our 100th book (pictured) right before the COVID craziness ensued and I could not be more grateful for this priceless girl gang life has gifted me.

This Blog Page is dedicated to all of the great books that we have read at book club over the years, plus some of my personal favorites. I have no plans to review all of these books but just know that if a book is posted here it’s one I have thoroughly enjoyed (I’ll do everyone a favor and leave out the duds). And if you have any questions you can always feel free to e-mail me at jamjarbites@gmail.com . I hope you enjoy our recommendations!

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