Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast

This Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast is a fabulous, set and forget it slow cooker meal that gives a crock pot classic a clean makeover.

Mississippi pot roast is one of my favorite things to make in the slow cooker! If you’ve never had it before you basically combine chuck roast with a packet of ranch seasoning, a packet of au jus gravy mix, butter and some pepperoncini peppers. Slow cook on low heat for 8-10 hours and you have a fabulously delicious pot roast.

Unfortunately, if you take the time to read the labels on those seasoning packets you’ll learn that not only are they not Whole30 compliant, but not particularly clean either. This is especially true for the au just packet. Yikes.

But not to worry because I’ve got you covered! Using Whole30 compliant ingredients this clean version of a classic Mississippi pot roast is just as convenient and delicious as the original and healthier to boot. Hooray!

What You Need:

You will need a slow cooker and a large skillet to sear the meat. That’s it!

Can you make Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast in the Instant Pot?

Yes, you can. You will basically follow the same instructions except instead of putting everything in the slow cooker you will put it in the Instant Pot. Cook over manual high pressure for one hour then let the pressure release and wala!

This being said, I think this recipe works better in the slow cooker (as with most recipes if I’m being honest). I think it simply imparts more flavor into the meat. But if you are in a pushed for time the instant pot definitely works!

Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast Ingredients:

  • Beef Chuck Roast: You’ll want about 3-4 pounds of chuck roast for this recipe. Grass fed is best if it’s available!
  • Olive oil, salt & pepper: You will heavily season the chuck roast with salt and pepper and then give it a good sear before transferring to the slow cooker. I personally like the taste of olive oil for this recipe but feel free to use Avocado oil or another compliant oil if you prefer. The only oil I suggest avoiding is coconut oil. It just gives everything a weird taste.
  • Whole30 “Ranch Packet”: To recreate the packet of Ranch Seasoning this recipe combines dried chives, garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill and salt and pepper. I promise you won’t be able to tell a difference!
  • Whole30 “Au Jus Gravy Mix”: It took me a second to figure it out how to “replicate” the original but once I did I felt very silly, haha. A standard packet of au jus mix contains a bunch of crazy ingredients ranging from Caramel Coloring to Corn Syrup Solids to Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose as a thickener. All to make a beef pot roast taste more like, well… beef. So rather than combine a bunch of ingredients I simply add 1 cup of beef broth to the pan of drippings from searing the chuck roast and let it cook down for a few minutes. This results in a beefy flavor that directly comes from the source. Huzzah!
  • Ghee: To make this recipe fully Paleo/Whole30 compliant I replaced the butter with ghee. If you’re not strict Paleo then feel free to use normal butter. I just recommend going for high quality such as Kerrygold.
  • Pepperoncini Peppers: I LOVE Pepperoncini peppers and almost always have a jar somewhere in my kitchen. They give this dish fantastic acidity and heat and make a Mississippi Pot Roast what it is! You will want to get the whole pepper rather than sliced if possible.

Can I freeze my Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast?

Indeed you can! Pot roast is a great to freezer because it can be easily reheated without drying it out. Simply shred the pot roast and let it cool completely. Then place in an airtight container or freezer bag along with a cup or 2 of juices. It lasts up to 3 months so be sure to label it!

To reheat simply take the pot roast out of the freezer and let it thaw overnight. Then cook warm it up on the stove, in the slow cooker or even in the microwave.

Why isn’t my meat tender?

This recipe results in a pot roast that should be fall apart tender with a soft buttery texture. When it’s done, it should take almost no effort to shred. If the meat still seems a little tough this is probably due to 1 of 2 reasons.

One, you might not have purchased the right cut of meat. Some cuts of meat works better in a slow cooker which is why I highly recommend you use beef chuck roast.

The other reason is that you most likely haven’t cooked it long enough. Because this recipe calls for 3-5 pounds of meat cooking times can vary. I suggest 8-10 hours on low, 5-6 hours on high. If you check the meat after cooking for around 8 hours on low and it’s not fall apart tender, put that lid back on and let it have another hour or two. Similar if you’ve cooked on high heat for 5 hours.

Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast

Whole30 Mississippi Pot Roast

This healthy take on a classic Mississippi Pot Roast combines clean ingredients to make this dish Paleo and Whole30 compliant.

Recipe by The Jam Jar Kitchen
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Prep time


Slow Cook on Low


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  • 3-5 lb beef chuck roast

  • 2 tbsp olive oil

  • 1 cup beef broth

  • 1 tbsp dried chives

  • 2 tsp garlic powder

  • 2 tsp onion powder

  • 1 tsp dried dill

  • 1 tsp salt

  • 1 tsp black pepper

  • 6-8 pepperoncini peppers, whole

  • 1-2 tbsp pepperoncini pepper juice (from the jar)

  • 4 tbsp ghee

  • salt & pepper


  • Take the chuck roast out of the fridge. Remove from packaging and pat dry with a paper towel. Generously season all sides with salt and pepper. Set aside.

    Heat a couple tbsp of olive oil over medium-high to high heat in a large skillet until hot and shimmering.

    Once oil is hot, place seasoned chuck roast in the skillet. Sear for about 1-2 minutes per side to a deep golden brown. Transfer chuck roast to the bowl of the slow cooker.
  • After removing the chuck roast, deglaze the pan over medium high heat with 1 cup of beef broth. Bring to a boil, scraping up all the brown bits from the bottom of the pan continue to cook for 2-3 minutes until the liquid has reduced by about half (doesn’t have to be too exact).

    Pour the liquid from the skillet over the chuck roast.
  • Sprinkle chives, garlic powder, onion powder, dill salt and pepper over the chuck roast. Arrange peppers around the meat and add a couple tbsp of juice from the pepper jar. Then top with 4 tbsp of ghee (or high quality butter).

    Cover with a lid and cook on low for 8-10 hours or on high for 5-6 hours.

    The meat will be fork tender when it is done. If it still feels a little tough then put the lid back on and cook for an additional hour or two.
  • Serve over mashed potatoes, polenta, rice, mashed cauliflower or on its own. Enjoy!


  • This recipe will last 4-5 days in the fridge and can be frozen for up to 3 months.

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  4. The flavors in this is outstanding! I love how tender the beef is and the pepperoncini adds so much tang! Delicious!

  5. Alexandra @ It's Not Complicated Recipes

    Absolutely delicious flavours! Such a comforting meal for the whole family to enjoy.

  6. Wow, this roast was so tender and juicy! I usually end up drying out the meats that I cook, but this was just perfect.

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